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  • April 10, 2018
  • Some Budget-friendly Tips for Your Next Singapore Adventure

    When you compare the number of visits that Singapore has received in the year 2016 to the year 2017, you can say that was drastic increase in numbers has taken place with Singapore’s 2017 total number of visits being 16.4 million.

    What you must understand about Singapore is that a lot of people even until today will want to be able to step into this majestic place as part of their bucket list destinations. Indeed, there are just a lot of places to explore that Singapore offers that no other country can offer you. And yet, for financial reasons, a lot of people are not able to make this dream destination a reality.

    Do not have high hopes that you can make your Singapore trip come true? If this is what you think, then you better rethink again. This article will give you some budget-friendly tips so that you can make the most out of your Singapore trip without going broke.

    Take advantage of hawker centers
    When you go to Singapore, you are always bombarded with its many restaurants and their great dishes which can be mostly costly on your part. Steering clear from these restaurants that can take up a huge portion of your travel budget can be done where you seek hawker centers instead for your food needs.

    Hawker centers are actually very interesting if you do not have any idea about them. When you say hawker centers, you are actually referring to food centers where you can choose different food and cuisines from its many food stalls. In addition to getting a lot of food options, these hawker centers are the best way for you to save on your budget for your food as the food prices are cheaper in hawker centers than the local restaurants found in the country.

    Even if on the outside hawker centers look simple, you can get a taste of a lot of delicious food options if you just look for them hard. With hawker centers, no need to spend a lot of your money just so you can taste good food in the country.

    Do not buy things in their larger malls
    When you say avoid buying from the country’s large malls, this does not mean that you are never allowed to buy anything at all. With the things being sold in their large shopping malls, you will be more than surprised to know that there are other places in the country that offer the same things but at a much cheaper cost.

    When you prefer to buy some apparel, then you must take a look at the *SCAPE Underground; on the other hand, when you are looking for unique gifts to give and bring home, then be sure to drop by JCube mall. Avoid paying for things with cash while in Singapore; you are better off paying with your credit card.

    When you are not sure what credit card you must be using while you are traveling to the country, you must not miss out on using EnjoyCompare.