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Being that Michael Jordan played AND excelled in the sport of basketball, I guess I understand why the Air Jordan 4 basketball shoe is priced higher than the Air Jordan 4 baseball cleat. Jordan For Cheap .There’s just much more demand for the basketball shoe than the baseball cleat. I get that. But my mind is really confused as to why the Air Jordan 4 baseball cleat is priced significantly lower than the Air Jordan 6 golf cleat. Michael at least played baseball (semi) professionally, and as far as I know he only played gold for fun.Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for cheaper prices and for making shoe a lot more accessible. Cheap Jordan Shoes.I’m just trying to understand why Jordan Brand finally decided to reasonably price one of their retro models, albeit a baseball cleat at a price a lot more people are able to afford. I’d just like to see all Jordan retros, whether they be baseball/golf cleats or basketball shoes priced at $95 or a price around the range. It’d be a win-win for everybody.Sound off in the comments below and let me know what you think about the recent pricing on the Air Jordan 6 golf cleat and Air Jordan 4 baseball cleat.Cheap Jordan  .I’m really contemplating picking up a pair of the Jordan 4 baseball cleat in the royal blue colorway and try to find someone who can do a sole swap to convert these into a basketball shoe. That’s how clean I think these baseball cleats look!

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Earlier this month, Nike announced the 30th rendition of the Air Jordan sneaker, an enduring icon of streetwear that played a major role in turning sports shoes from purely functional to a fashion statement.Jordan Shoes .Michael Jordan’s collaborations with legendary sneaker designer Tinker Hatfield and others have produced some of the most beloved sneaker designs on the market. However, the Jordan brand has its fair share of stylistic misfires, gaudy gimmicks and overrated designs that are better loved than they should be.Cheap Retro Jordan. To celebrate Air Jordan 30 and 30 years of Air Jordans, we slightly iconoclastically ranked every pair from worst to best.Michael Jordan is notorious for suffering from textbook nouveau riche taste, and his love for Italian leather and sports cars often got the best of him and his shoes, especially in the early 2000s. Cheap Jordan Online.The results are some of the tackiest and shoddily constructed shoes in the Jordan brand.

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